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FIFA, Festival International du Film sur L'Art, Official Selection, March 2015, Canada

Festival Du Film Sur L'Art, Official Selection, November 2014, Belgium

NYC Independent Film Festival, Official Selection, October 2014 (yet to come), USA

Film Festival Ostend, Official Selection, September 2014, Belgium

DOCVILLE International Documentary Film Festival, Official Selection, May 2014, Belgium

“ I found the film very intriguing and I like the fact that I am not sure whether I find Martin's work utterly disturbing or genuinely brilliant, or both, but I guess the truth must be somewhere in between.”

Elli Mastorou L’Avenir, Belgian newspaper


“ (…) Macaber onderwerp mag je denken, maar dat is het niet. Het is zelf grappig. Je komt tot nieuwe inzichten. Zoals de gedachte dat we niet alleen in het leven alle mogelijke absurde regels moeten volgen, maar ook in onze dood.”

De Morgen, Belgian newspaper

“ Cells joue admirablement avec les genres. Ainsi, l'esthétique horrifique qui introduit le film au travers des codes familiers de la fiction, crée une atmosphère délétère et fascinante qui sera entretenue tout au long du métrage… une image riche et complexe.”

Cinergie, Belgian online filmnews


“ Cells zit nog in mijn lijf. En ik meen het.”

Kurt Vandemaele, Belgian film journalist


" Death is a subject that may seem overwhelming. And yet, with Cells, director Wil Mathijs brings us a humorous yet dark film that is both poetic and frightening. When he arrived at Cinergie to discuss his film, he bounded up the stairs as if he were at home. He stopped at every floor, talking to everyone. When he finally arrived at Cinergie, up on the fourth floor, he took a break in the middle of the interview to smoke a cigarette, and then, at the end, gathered a group together to go and drink a few beers. Just like his film, the young Flemish director is full of wit and black humour, stubborn and persistent, relaxed and very politically incorrect, if not totally refreshing."